Your family is our priority. Welcome to the firm of Byrd & Hood, An Association of Attorneys located in historic downtown Franklin, Tennessee. In all areas of the law, we are committed to obtaining the best possible outcome for you through competent, vigorous representation. Indeed, our reputation has been built on the positive results we continue to garner year after year for our clients.

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​We concentrate our representation in family law because Your Family is Our Priority. Our attorneys have extensive training and specialization in family law. We are exceptionally qualified to handle all matters related to Family Law including:

International Family Matters & Hague Actions

Divorce, Property Division & Alimony

Child Custody and Child Support

Domestic Violence & Orders of Protection


Prenuptial Agreements
Juvenile Delinquency, Dependency & Neglect

Adoption & Termination of Parental Rights

Appellate Practice


"As a victim of abuse, I never thought there would be hope outside of being served papers for custody over my child.  The beginning stages of the litigation process for me were paralyzing to say the least.  Rebecca Byrd was the absolute best representation I could have ever asked for.  I did not feel like I had a voice to speak up on the matter, and Rebecca not only helped me develop a voice to speak up on domestic violence issues but she gave me the strength to walk out of my own court proceedings initiated by my abuser,  I am speechless for words to explain the accuracy, efficiency, and professional manner in which Rebecca represented me, and the way I know she represents all of her clients.  The safety and healing my child and I have received thus far thanks to her hard work on my case is priceless.  Your family is worth it!"  - Anonymous

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